About Evolution Staffing LLP

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About Evolution Staffing

We practice what we preach for organizations and their dynamic management. Staff requires space to grow and wings to fly if provided the right opportunity. We have made it our business to find those niches and provide appropriate opportunities to deserving candidates with the right skills and attitudes just like we built up management infrastructures for diverse companies.

In what ways can we help you and the organization?
The following is a representative selection of the numerous services we provide, practically exhaustive in respect of human resources.

• Quality Consultancy
• Data Analysis
• Talent selection
• Training and development
• Resource planning
The problems of finding an opportunity

At first glance, the corporate world of mighty high tech industries does appear nightmarish and forbidding. Yet we persevered, inspired by professionals like ourselves sailing in the same boat. After a few pages, the light dawned and the lessons learned during the search became intelligible. No organization can reach the sky without first struggling on the ground.

People want everything super fast nowadays
With technology speeding up life, work, and play, Vendor Management provides the online avenue of getting recruitment done very quickly. We are certainly helped by the technology wave and why not? Meanwhile, we were getting the show together with all the technicalities and a few legal questions too. So much of the time is being saved as compared to the age-old recruitment methods! Yet all the procedures like the résumé, applications, and interviews were necessary before we were confident about the staff selected. Our reputations depended upon their performance after all.

We are not a fly by night company

We build careers, homes and businesses and our HR Service is interested in long term relationships since bigger organizations may need our services again. We would like to remain in touch and supervise the staff, getting feedback so that we can improve our own logistics.

While Manpower Consulting may have reached us to the top of the professional ladder, we realize the dangers that lurk. Putting up with all the competition, our researchers are constantly on their toes to find better methods of management. We have much to learn from in a global environment that the internet made possible. Yet we learn from little models initially as they do in the process of education.

What does the future hold?

An intense pride is what our management team feels when we get positive feedback from organizations we have served. We like the smiles on the faces of the careers we boosted and they are many. We anticipate glittering careers for the staff as well as the organizations we work with and it is a stunning variety. The experience with each of them has been a two way street of service and learning from experience. It all begins with a phone call, an appointment and HR Consulting sets the ball rolling. The entire process of recruitment and appointment does not take so long like in the olden days. What is the secret? The lightning communication made possible by the internet.


Fresh Components

We have the right caring, experience and dedicated professional for you.


Premium Support

We have the right caring, experience and dedicated professional for you.


We Have Miles To Go To Fulfil The Goals Of Our Dreams

Our Mission
We wish to serve the Human Resources needs of competitive corporations in a global society in a fulfilling manner through adherence to our core values and traditions that have inspired us since day one
Our Vision
With humanity being our chief resource, we dream of the development of staffing patterns to optimize human resourcefulness and achievements for the sake of India and the world.
The challenges of the modern corporate culture
The intense competition in the concrete jungle where the deserving do succeed is a source of concern to many. We do admire the staff who reached the top through concentrated hard work and unwavering commitment, dedicated to personal and official goals. All our services are based on that human dream. We are often pained at the unemployment in society but strongly believe that jobs can be created for all and self employment could reduce the problem.

The importance of human resources
Can we imagine a world without human resources? While it is true that robots and technology are substituting humans in some aspects, people will remain the single most indispensable resource for the present and the future. Human Resources are all about education, training, management and experience. Workers go through several phases in their careers and we wish to help them realize their full potential.

Interested in humanity, we are keen to advance social development, manufacture, management and services in a great variety of industries, each of them challenging in separate ways. The dynamics of Real Estate and Hotels for instance differ a great deal and specialization along with experience is the key to their understanding and success.

The role of information technology
Through training and development and vendor management, we have reached the interiors of the vast organizations in different fields of activity and understand their philosophies and performance. Information technology of course has speeded up the process and databases and software enable wonderful work very quickly done with everything so neat and accessible from anywhere.

The future of the business world
The global business that our world has become slowly moves online with its great advantages. The headquarters of businesses appear to be in websites rather than the brick and concrete buildings like in the past. We have successfully adapted to the changed situation and added databases and software that have been great advantages of course. Our training facilities similarly include technology that has simplified many procedures.

The 21st century human resources philosophy
Workers of today need to take up the challenges of a new generation that work more from software and mobile phones at every stage. Computerized work stations apply to many major fields like in architecture and in industry. Manual work does continue like at construction sites but they are also familiar with the uses of technology. Since you need human resources as a starting point in every field of endeavor, we made it our goal to dispense education, training, job opportunities and careers for a complete package for advancement in professional life that means a happy family and society.

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Pricing Packages

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₹ 370

Gold Package

  • Validity: 60 Days
  • 20 Spotlight Jobs
  • 45 Feature Jobs
  • 20 Urgent Jobs
  • 30 Private Jobs
  • 100 Stared Jobs

₹ 250


  • Validity: 40 Days
  • 10 Spotlight Jobs
  • 15 Feature Jobs
  • 20 Urgent Jobs
  • 15 Private Jobs
  • 60 Stared Jobs

₹ 5000

Executive Priority

  • Validity: Resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile, created by an executive writer. Days
  • Candidates Search: 20
  • 50 Spotlight Jobs
  • 80 Feature Jobs
  • 100 Urgent Jobs
  • 60 Private Jobs
  • 60 Stared Jobs